Update your account, change your password, and add additional campaigns.

Update password

The first thing you will want to do is update your password.  To do so, first select Account Management from the menu.  Then go to the Select User section.  A drop down exists listing all the accounts that have been created.  Everyone starts with one administration account that has access to all of the uploads and reporting.  You can create as many volunteer accounts as you would like.

Select your account username and then click Manage.  From here, you can change the email address associated with this account (this is the email address that will get any notifications from us that you might need).  You can also select “Show Change Password.”

change password

Add Account

You can add as many volunteer accounts as you would like.  You can create one account for each of your volunteers, or just create one volunteer account that everyone can access.  

Go to Select User and select Add Volunteer.   In the pop up, give the account a user name and an email address.  Then add the password for the account. Once created, volunteers will have access to the ability to check sheets.  They do not have access to the reporting or the administrative menus.  


add volunteer account

Add a Campaign

You have the ability to create additional campaigns if you will also be checking the sheets of opposition candidates.  This is something you should set up once you have the petition packages of your opponents.  You need to know the number of lines per page of the petitions before you set up the campaign.

The Account Management page has a table for all of your campaigns.  Your primary campaign is already set up and can not be deleted.  You can add any additional campaigns by selecting Add Campaign.  You will be prompted for the name and the number of signature lines per page for the campaign.  You can also delete these campaigns, but please be aware that this is not something you can undo. 

Once you have added a campaign, can you switch to it on the main menu.  Use the dropdown under Select Campaign to select the new campaign.