Add a Campaign

The time may come for you to upload the petition sheets of your opponent. It is fine to check the sheets of those people who are also trying to get on the ballot, and the petition packages are a matter of the public record. We allow you to create as many opposition campaigns as you need.

First, go to the Account Management section of Petition Atlas.

To create a new campaign, select the Add Campaign button. You will then add the name for that campaign, and the number of petition lines per sheet that the campaign is using.

Once you create the campaign, you will see it listed in the campaign table. You will also have an additional action available, which is to delete the campaign. This can’t be undone, so use it wisely.

After you have created a new campaign, that campaign is now available from the campaign drop down menu on the main menu.  

To upload petition sheets for the opposition campaign, navigate to Uploads in the main menu.  The upload process works the same way for opposition campaigns as it does for your own.  Only now, the new campaign you added is available in the dropdown menu.  

Likewise, once you have uploaded sheets for your opposition, you can check those sheets the same way you checked yours.   To move between campaigns, just pick the campaign you want from the dropdown menu.

You can add a campaign by entering the name of the campaign and the number of petition lines per sheet.
New campaigns are added to the campaign drop down menu.