Checking Sheets

The ability to check sheets is at the heart of Petition Atlas.  There are just a few important steps in to follow to check your petition sheets.

Step 1: Enter the Sheet Number.  The sheet number is typically found at the bottom of the sheet, but depending on the numbering system the campaign is using, it might also be found elsewhere.  This is the number that ties the data you are entering to the sheet.

Step 2: Enter the circulator, notary, and date that the petition was notarized.  

Step 3: Are there issues with the entire sheet?  This might include a notary stamp that is missing, or some other problem with the circulator.  If so, you can select “No” here and select any number of objections from the dropdown list.

Step 4: If you have any notes for the campaign about a sheet, enter it here.  This might be a question you have about a possible objection, for example.

Step 5: Check the sheet.  This is where the magic happens.  Select the first line.  If the line is crossed out, blank, or invalid, you can select those options.  To search, select the search option.

You can search for a voter by house number, street name, first name, or last name.  You can also use any combination of those to narrow your search down.  We generally recommend starting with  the house number, as the easist way to narrow down your voters.

If you located the voter in the search, select that voter, and the name of the voter will be entered on the line.  If you don’t, select Voter Not Found.

Your search parameters will carry over from one line until the next.  We do this in case you have a lot of houses from the same street on your sheet.  However, you can always select Clear to empty the search.  

Repeat this process for each line on your sheet.  When you are done, select Save & Next to save your sheet and bring up the next one.

You can always decide to Skip or Delete a sheet.  If you select Skip then any work you have done will be lost and Petition Atlas will bring up the next unchecked petition sheet.  If you select Delete then the current sheet will be removed from the database.  This cannot be undone.  

You have different options for each line.