Making the decision to run for office is difficult. Getting your campaign started and setting up your field plan may seem daunting. There are legal, organizational, and financial obstacles set up to make this process as difficult as possible.

Erehwon Atlas is here to help candidates navigate these challenges. We are inspired by candidates who are running for office for the first time. We know democracy works best when there are options on the ballot, when communities are engaged by candidates knocking on their doors and talking to them about the issues they face. We believe that launching a primary bid isn’t a crime.

At Erehwon Atlas, we make it easier for grassroots, progressive candidates to compete. We help candidates navigate the legal process of setting up their campaign committees. We design field plans and analyze voter data. We design targets, set milestones, and build dashboards to monitor field activities.

Once you have your field plan, its time to get on the ballot. Few things will make that easier than Petition Atlas, our digital tool that allows you and your staff to organize ballot petitions and check signatures online from anywhere on the campaign trail. Our Voter Atlas mobile application will place your voters information at your volunteers finger tips. And in this time of COVID, we will work with you to develop creative ways to reach your voters remotely.

It’s not going to be easy to run for office, but we can help. For more information, please email