DIY Data: Voter Data for Grassroots Organizers and Candidates

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We were very excited last month to present at rootnation. “DIY Data: Voter Data for Grassroots Organizers and Candidates” was our breakdown of how campaigns can easily use the voter file. We talked about where to go to FOIA voter data and how you can use it to build a field plan.

Tips on FOIAing voter data

We know that third-party vendors can be expensive and challenging to use. However, organizations and political campaigns can often FOIA their data from their local Board of Elections.

We walked folks through what to expect and what questions to ask as they file their FOIA requests.

Working with Voter Data

The voter data you get from FOIA is often not in the best format for creating a field plan. We walked folks through a template we use to make any data set easier to use. We looked at formulas that can break down names, addresses, and voter history into quantifiable fields that can provide a lot of insight in very little time.

The Wild World of Dashboards

Everyone has a dashboard these days. There are COVID dashboards. There are sales dashboards. There are website analytics dashboards. We think it is about time that campaigns use dashboards.

A dashboard is simply a way to take information from various data streams and combine them into one clear snapshot. You may be using one application to track door knocking and another to send text messages. You may even have a third party dialer for phone banks. At the same time, you have targets you want to reach and an ever significant +1 number you are chasing. A useful dashboard will allow your team to track, in real-time, how well you are doing.

While we just skimmed the surface of how powerful this can be for a campaign at rootsnation, it is something we are excited to be rolling out more information about in the near future.

Dashboard Example