Petition Atlas has a New User Interface

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We established Erehwon Atlas to increase ballot access for grassroots candidates running for office in Illinois and beyond.   As part of that mission we are excited to announce an upgrade to the interface for Petition Atlas, our web based application that allows for the organization and checking of political petitions.

Petition Atlas allows candidates or organizations to check their petition signatures against their voter database.  Multiple volunteers can check petitions from the comfort of their home.  Reporting tells you who signed your petitions and how many valid signatures you have.  We believe democracy works best when there are many voices competing in an election, and Petition Atlas helps progressive candidates get on the ballot.

The new user interface will make this process even easier.  We’ve streamlined the process and made it easier to move through the different lines of a petition sheet.  Your volunteers won’t have to be seasoned political staffers to check your petitions quickly.

There are even more exciting tools that we have in development that we can’t wait to share in the coming months! 

An example of Petition Atlas' petition checking