Summer Block Party List is Here!

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It’s the summertime, and here in Chicago, that means block parties. Neighbors close down their streets and gather to enjoy bouncy houses and bbq. It is one of the best parts of summer for us. And if you are running for office, you may be interested in knowing where all of those block parties are. We have a list of all the block parties in Chicago, Festivals, and other public events.

This is also a redistricting year, and the Chicago city council just voted on new Ward maps. Plus, we have new State and Congressional maps. We have broken them up by our new district lines. So whether you are looking for all block parties in a new Congressional district or city Ward, we have you covered, and we update the list every two weeks until August.

Not in Chicago? Feel free to reach out to us, and we will let you know if this is something we can build for you.