Ready to run for office? Organizing in your community?

Erehwon Atlas is the marriage of people who have worked in community organizing and those who have experience in software programming. Our company was built by people who combine a love of politics with an equal love of data analytics.

We know that progressive movements need flexible and affordable data tools to collect signatures, knock on doors, and reach people in their community.

At Erehwon Atlas, we make it easier for grassroots, progressive candidates and groups to compete and organize.

Our Petition Atlas program will help you check and organize your nominating petitions. We also design field plans and analyze voter data. And we can help you design targets, set milestones, and build dashboards to monitor field activities.

Erehwon Atlas can provide you with:

  • Technology solutions: our Petition Atlas application makes it easy to get on the ballot.
  • Field plans: including targets for door knocking, phone banks, and text banking.
  • Field budgeting: know how much you’ll need to spend and when you’ll need to spend it on your field activities.
  • Community polling: we partner with Change Resource to provide affording polling to progressive organizations.
  • Web hosting: we can spin up a WordPress server with access to forms and templates.  Get your campaign page up and running without signing long term contracts or spending a lot money.
Candidate holding a clipboard
We created Erehwon Atlas to help progressive candidates and organizers get on the ballot and run strong campaigns. We believe democracy works best when there are many diverse voices involved in our community.