Petition Atlas demo running on a laptop

Petition Checking Made Easy

Whether you are collecting signatures for a ballot measure, political candidate, or promoting an issue in your community, Petition Atlas can help.

Petitions play an important role in organizing. For example, they provide a chance to talk to your community about an issue or candidate. A large stack of petitions can sway politicians to support your causes. In addition, nominating petitions are often needed to get a ballot measure or candidate on the ballot. A successful petition effort needs to be well-coordinated with your field data.

We have designed Petition Atlas to organize your petitions.  You can check signatures against your voter file  to prepare for any potential challenges. We have made the process very simple:

  • Upload the voter data for your district.
  • Upload petitions as a pdf file.
  • Check each page, looking up a constituent that signed for you against your voter database.
  • Make sure the affidavit on your petition, including the notary, is accurate.
  • Repeat as often as necessary.

You can have your volunteers check your petitions from the comfort of their home.   While your volunters work, you will be able to pull reports to check: 

  • How many valid signatures of eligable voters that you have collected.
  • The names and addresses of the valid signers.
  • Reports by sheet, including number of valid and invalid signatures.
  • A list of any duplicate signatures.

You can also check the petitions of your opponents in political races.  You can upload their nominating packet to Petition Atlas and use the same process to check your opponents’ signatures. The reports that come from Petition Atlas can also help you put together your exhibits should you decide to challenge the petitions of another candidate.

For more detailed pricing, or a demo of Petition Atlas, please email us at

Petition Atlas demo running on a laptop

Petition Atlas

$ 150 monthly
  • Voter universe between 20k and 50K
  • Track your progress in real time
  • Full suite of reporting
  • Access for 4 months