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Whether you are collecting signatures for a ballot measure, a political candidate, or promoting an issue in your community, Petition Atlas can help.

Petitions are essential in getting a candidate or an issue on the ballot. Checking those petitions can often be time-consuming: you want to protect yourself from being challenged and ensure you have enough signatures to secure your place. As more progressives run for office and support policy measures, having a quick and efficient system for organizing those petitions has become critical.

Petition Atlas brings petition cleaning into the digital age.

Gone are the days of being held up in a field office with stacks of papers! Instead, Petition Atlas allows you to upload your petition pages and will enable a group of volunteers to check your sheets from home. We have designed the process to be easy for your team to use.

  • Upload the voter data for your district.
  • Upload petitions as a pdf file.
  • Check each page, looking up a constituent that signed for you against your voter database.
  • Ensure the affidavit on your petition, including the notary, is accurate.
  • Repeat as often as necessary.

While your volunteers are busy checking your petitions, you will be able to pull reports on the following:

  • How many valid signatures of eligible voters have you collected?
  • The names and addresses of those valid signers.
  • Reports by sheet, including the number of valid and invalid signatures.
  • A list of any duplicate signatures.
  • A list of any petition pages you may need to cure.

Handwriting recognition makes this process even easier.

Starting with the 2024 election cycle, we are excited to announce that we are beta-testing handwriting recognition. Imagine being able to automatically scan each line of your nominating petitions and match them to voter data. Our technology will help you make cleaning your petitions much quicker and easier for you and your volunteers. 

In our tests, our tool matches 30-50% of signers to your voter file before your volunteers even start to process pages.  How does it work?  When you upload your sheets, the software analyzes each line on your sheets and attempts to match the individual lines to folks in your voter file.  Then, when your volunteers open up a new sheet, the matched lines are shown for them to review and verify any voters our process couldn’t find.

Handwriting recognition is available per page as an add-on to Petition Atlas.

You can also check the petitions of your opponents in political races.

Have opposition? Upload their nominating packet to Petition Atlas and use the same process to check your opponents’ signatures. The reports from Petition Atlas can also help you assemble your exhibits should you decide to challenge the petitions of another candidate.

For more detailed pricing or a demo of Petition Atlas, please email us at

Petition Atlas demo running on a laptop

Petition Atlas

$ 200 monthly
  • Voter universe between 20k and 50K
  • Track your progress in real time
  • Full suite of reporting