When thinking of signatures, we can think of three types: signatures of people who are not in the district, signatures of people who are in the district, and signatures of people who are in the district and whoes actual signature we have matched with the Board of Elections.  Petition Atlas is designed to sort out which signatures are valid voters and which are not.  However, if you decide to also match with the Board of Elections, you can use reports from Petition Atlas to discard all invalid signatures and just focus on those you need to match.  All reports can be downloaded in CSV format.

Signature Validation Report

Lists the sheet number, line, and data collected for each valid signature.  Also lists the circulator and the notary.  If you are going to the Board of Elections, bring a print out of this report so you know which signatures are valid voters.   You can mark off the accurate matches in the Signature Match column.

Sheets Report

Gives detailed information based on each sheet, including number of valid signatures, number of cross out or blank lines, etc.  Also provides data on the circulator and the date collected.

Duplicate Signatures Report

Lists each signature that appears as a duplicate.  This may mean that the voter signed twice for your candidate.  It might also mean that this voter signed petitions for multiple candidates whoes sheets you have checked.  Each signature lists the candidate it is for and the date it was collected.