Trainings for campaigns and organizers

We regularly host zoom training on a wide variety of field organizing topics. Keep an eye on our calendar for when these might be coming up. If you would like us to come out and privately train your team or organization, please reach out to us at

Making Your Organizing and Campaigning Accessible to Disabled Folks

Disabled folks are essential to our community, and including them in your organizing and campaigning will dramatically increase your reach. First, we will start with a brief history of disabled activism and the importance of inclusive language. Next, we’ll give examples of how you can make your social media, events, and volunteer opportunities accessible for disabled folks. Finally, we’ll look at how to think about in-person and hybrid events in a world with Covid.
Join us on September 6th at 5pm ET / 2pm PT and September 21st at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.


Petition Training

Petition collection is an essential part of organizing. This can be an excellent opportunity to send out volunteers to talk to people about the campaign. It can also be logistically taxing and an organizing nightmare. At Erehwon Atlas, we have worked to get progressive candidates on the ballot and prepare for any possible challenges. We’ve put together a toolkit of tips and best practices to help any field staff get ready. We also have developed Petition Atlas, which will allow you to check your petitions against your voter file and collect essential field data.
Contact us to schedule petition training with your campaign.


DIY Data: Voter Data for Grassroots Organizers and Candidates.

Voter data is so important to your organizing, particularly if you are a candidate running for office. However, access to official party tools, such as VANs, is becoming increasingly expensive. However, at the end of the day, VANs is just a database tool – and you can get your hands on voter data without it. We look at how to DIY that data, give you some tips on organizing it to be useful, and give you some idea of what insights that data can provide.

How Voter Density Informs Field Plans

We know that we need to reach each voter multiple times during an election to ensure our message breaks through the election static. Which voter outreach methods are most effective and have the highest ROI in different communities and neighborhoods? How should voter density affect how we target voters and build our field plans? We take a look at how you can break down your district neighborhood by neighborhood and match your field plan to voter density.
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