Reach the voters in your community where they are.

Collecting data about voters and voter contacts is an important part of any campaign. However, the art of reaching those voters is always changing. There is now a great deal of science, and data, that can help you and your progressive campaign be as efficient as possible.

Voter Atlas

Our Voter Atlas program is our basic plan to help get campaigns up and running as quickly as possible:


  • Web Hosting: we can provide you with a WordPress web host solution.  You don’t need to sign a long term contract or worry about ballooning prices after one year.
  • Contact Database: we can help get your contacts organized for call time and volunteer recruitment.  Don’t have a CRM?  We’ll get you set up with a free template in Airtable that will get you started.
  • Branding / Document Database:  You will need walk lit, a prospectus, and answers to common endorsement questions.  We can provide you with a list to get you started.
  • Phone and Mail Banking: we are developing a phone and mail banking system that campaigns will be able to use to drive voter contact.   This will be coming in the fall of 2021, but we are actively looking for organizations to beta test it this summer.
  • Campaign Mobile App: it is easier and more affordable than ever to build an application that your supporters and volunteers can download.  Push messages about volunteering opportunities, events, and fundraising deadlines.  Get your message and your platform in the hands of your potential constituents. 

Deep-ID Texting

Many campaigns have become very savvy at using text banking to ID voters and get out the vote at election time. However, we also designed a deep-ID text bank that will allow you to have real, substantive conversations with people through their phones. The data can be used to survey people not just about their voting plans, but what issues matter to them or what services they may want from their elected officials. This information can be used early to introduce community members to your campaign and collect data about the issues that are important to them.

Political organizations are not the only ones who can benefit from this type of outreach. We designed a non-partisan text campaign for the 2020 primary. The focus of this outreach was voters who always vote in general elections, but never in the primary. We also created a text script to help reach people during the pandemic and alert them to mutual aid services.

Polling with Change Agent

We have partnered with Change Agent to bring affordable polling to our campaigns, and to help our candidates build a successful foundation for their field work.   Change Agent is not just a WMOB, but they use polling methods that will allow  you to reach far more people then a typical phone poll.  And their polling is available to campaigns for a fraction of what most consultants will charge – with local campaigns starting between $3,000-$4,000.

An example of a deep texting campaign, which allows you to ask the sort of questions via text you might ask at the doors.